1,健身舞蹈功夫电子琴简介及视频第一集   第二集  第三集  第四集


Introduction to the fitness dance, kung fu electronic organ



The  fitness dance, kung fu organ of world originating first and the human a unique talent has finally come out!


This product has got a utility model patent right and the exclusive  right to use trademark in China, and won the first prize in “the national progress prize in science and technology achievements”, won the first prize in “national outstanding patent award”, the first prize in” national excellent invention patent technology” , the second prize in” national best achievements of science and technology progress prize” .


This product completely changed the traditional music instrument can only sit or stand for long as he played, which is harmful to health ,and modify at all oneness and mechanical which the general fitness equipment can only exercise and can not produce music, also is completely different from the previous dancing blanket, because, the dancing machine blanket itself does not produce music, the song is by prefabricated simul casting in TV, or computer, it is only a fitness tool, doesn’t have the function of music, piano, and the effect of the dancing movements is also simple and limited. This product is the song and dance, music and fitness at an organic whole and the perfect fusion, played endless song with your own dance and kung fu exercise, make you in the fitness, dance, sanda proficiently in playing piano , learning music at the same time, kill two birds with one stone, to learn the two art of human love; Make fitness, dance, sanda to be very rhythmic comfortable rich musical movement, so that fitness can be generalized, regularization, and almost alone

And make playing piano out of the small circle which is too high to popular and become popular music of common people on the earth.


The product has also all functional mid-range electronic organ , has 16 kinds of timbre, 10 kinds of rhythm, vibrato and portamento function, can strengthen and change tone effect;teaching function,as soon as click on at will the different notes,can play the corresponding teaching tune, and you can follow the tune to hit the corresponding notes in the keys carpet.if you struck the right,it will become into songs, wrong is noise; Chord function,when has rhythm, the bass 2, 3, 4 become automatic chord keys, can also be used strike a richer chord by another person at the same time; Recording and playback function, can record full your any song,and  can check the effect of his play, you can still compose; The demonstration also memory 10 pop music,looping playing. speed control button, can adjust the speed of rhythm, demonstration, enhance the strong effect of accompaniment and dancing.


The product is the revolutionary innovation to traditional electronic organ, has 16 new function


1, Music sandbags of boxing or free sparring. when hanging the keys blanket on the wall to play the piano with kicks and blows of boxing free sparring kung fu, make your passion concurrency, it can make progress true kung fu more than playing sandbag, because the keys blanket area is greater than the sandbag, it means you can rally a few of men at the same time, pit one against ten; And, according to different tunes to fight different note, would need to be sensitive response, fist and feet active interaction, with no recruit wins a recruit; Each note circle as acupoint of opponent, every one punch hit the key; A song is a Wushu routine; A song is a bout, each music plays the song of victory.


Keys blanket can connect also another small rope to hang low or high, such as elected officials can prepare for both promotion and demotion, on the convenience of adults, children or kick kungfu skill growing up later enhance combat position; And the keys carpet with high pressure sponge in it, do not need to wear gloves when hit.


2、the stage of dancing and playing music at the time by yourself. Keys carpet is spread on the ground, you can jump electron organ with dancing or fitness movement, or (senior) is like “stand at ease” after the “attention” with one foot on the organ easily, soft music and graceful dancing, like a small stage; Need not wright-director, it’s different than songs, each performance is natural and different, one person is simply hold: director, actors, the band’s ability.


3, the road of music. If you pave more than the keys blanket on the ground especially the corridor at the same time, forming a carpet road, when walking on green “carpet” of the flowing river, you can walk out of songs all the way, walking slowly can walk out of the lieder, running can run out of passion songs, can make old people young, leadership love it and would not release the “foot”, lazy people also want to run, is “the road of music” who is modest to music can walk carelessly to music hall getting through it.

4、音乐温床。琴键毯呈115X92cm的正方形,内置高压海绵,可让两位小孩同时睡觉或玩耍;任意的玩耍、滚动都能发出让小孩喜悦的音乐,如同催眠曲,能让小孩开开心心的很快进入甜蜜的梦乡;当有二张琴键毯并铺时,情人、夫妻双双相依而躺,则能滚出激情摇滚乐,抖出交响乐的颤音,或缠绵温柔的延音,她无愧为爱情的温床。4、Music hotbed. Keys carpet show 115 x92cm square, built-in it with high-pressure sponge, can let two children playing it at the same time, or sleeping; Any play, rolling can make music which let children delight in, like a lullaby, can let the children happily soon enter sweet dreams; When two keys blanket are spread, lover, husband and wife both depend on each other and lie, can get out of passion rock, shake out symphony vibrato, or touching tenderness tenuto, her is clear conscience as a hotbed of love.


5, the varied social dances stage. When a people dancing on the theme of song, other (preferably heterosexual)dances on chord key, two people can dance at the same time,without the band, acoustics, can jump out of the novelty social dance, more wonderful, different songs will jump out of a different patterm

6、自跳自唱的卡拉OK。当您以散打或舞蹈动作来击琴时,可由他人插入麦克风为您伴唱,当然,也可由您边踩跳琴时自弹自唱。6,the karaoke of dancing and sing at the same time by yourself. When you strike the organ in free sparring or dancing moves, can accompany by others into a microphone in it for you, of course, you can also sing with the songs which you are dancing on it to make.


7, self-taught succinct play. This product changes the complexity of dozens of black and white keys of traditional electronic organ, simplification in 20 keys, but with low, medium and high all syllables, can play any song; And marks on the keys of each marked note number: 1234567. Who even doesn’t know anything about music, can play beautiful songs contrasting the “Arabic numerals” reserved seats of these songs, like Alibaba open sesame magic of wealth.


8, the dancing machine functions. When some people don’t want to go to practice playing the piano, just want to follow the music to dance or jump, can play the 10 kinds of rhythms with the memory in it: rock and roll, waltz, cha-cha, disco, rumba, tango and march, country music,   bossanova and 12 kinds of demonstration song, can dance at random in the keys carpet, is not restricted by notes. The high elastic sponge inside the blanket is very comfortable, relaxed when you are jumping or dancing. Of course, the rhythm of the memory and demonstration can be increased, only need to update the chip.

9、带卡拉OK 的CD机功能。您只是单独使用音乐盒时,可以聆听内存的10首优美流行歌曲,也可以插入麦克风作为小小的卡拉OK机歌唱,并可以任意切换16种音色:钢琴、铃、长笛、小提琴、吉他、小号、大号、萨克斯、风琴、竖琴、弦乐、电贝司、双簧管、号角、爵士吉他、班卓琴等,如同您能欣赏到160首乐曲。当然,内存的音色、歌曲也可以大大增多、更新。

9, with the function of karaoke CD machine. You just used alone music box, you can listen to the 10 kinds of beautiful pop songs of memory, also can be inserted into the microphone as small sing karaoke machine, and can be switched at will 16 kinds of tone: piano, bell, flute, violin, guitar, trumpet, tuba, saxophone, organ, harp, string music, electric bass, oboe, horns, as jazz guitar, banjo, etc. you can appreciate the 160 piece of music. the timbre, songs of memory, of course, also can be greatly increased and updated.


10, outdoor usage is convenient. This product music box can also use dry cell, or car power plug, conveniently use without the power of outdoor.


11, carpet usage . Because the bottom and the pad fabric of the keys carpet are wear-resisting, waterproof, antifreeze, easy to clean, can spread on the grass, sand, cement and so on the ground, suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, as a mat when field trip and resting, friends or family members may sit around playing cards, diet, music can be openned or shut, feel happy; Of course, can also be used as a mattress, such as a small simmons.


12, external effect to joint power amplifier. When you used in the karaoke hall, stage, band or the sitting room in family, etc. you can insert an external amplifier line, strengthen the sound effect.


13, external earphone usage. When you don’t want to influence others, or because you can not play expertly temporarily, would not let others hear, you can insert headphones, the sound quality effect through headphone is better. Others can only appreciate your graceful, active dance or free sparring movement, like the dance ballet, silence is better than cry; When you have been playing expertly, or recorded sound at the same time, you pull out your headphones, can give others a surprise, listen to your “surf voice still as before”(a China song), thought it was a new wonderful song in memory has increased.


14, stellar scintillation. when 28 tiny lights on the function box are opened, can flash along with the music rhythm, are better than a candle, are like the stars light in the wild, starry night on the ground, reservation and mysterious, moon is hazy, light is hazy.


15, pothook function. Also can the pothook hanging the keys carpet hang other clothes, colour picture, make the keys carpet pattern changed with each passing day.


16, works of art. Existing design of keys carpet floor, is like the prairie grass, running water, especially more than the keys carpet are leagued each other (each together is weighs 2.8 kg, the keys carpet only 1 kg), especially in the corridor, more like a return to nature, also make the person “often walk along the river bank, just don’t wet shoes”; When it  is hanged, it is like the cliffside spring waterfall, the mountain stream, picturesque poetic and picture, no need folding it; the music function music box is such as a natural jade, inlaid 28 jades, sing two sunflower are as racing to sing, black and white keys are as the game of go racing; the pothook of hanging the keys carpet is a pattern of staff, as a period of “the blue Danube”, will arouse your “pink” memories. Of course, if you love the new and loathe the old, can replace our new design of other parts.


Even this product’s trademark is both physical beauty, beauty connotation, the model of “brotherhood” is such as a staff symbols, fluent, have move feeling, its connotation means that the intimacy of brotherhood between brothers, more show this product can be played with hand and foot, a word of double meaning. Visible, this product is very suitable as a very good gift to relatives and friends, colleagues, leader, to show love with the organ(because pronounc of “love” and “organ” are the same in Chinese), play the organ to be lyrical, will help you get the brotherhood.