Dear Mr. Mayor: How do u do! I am a reporter in Chicago Chinese news.com , there are a few questions, please:

1, 2000, I was living in Shenzhen, China, Senzhen special zone and an area of Chicago were tied for first place by the world garden city. but when I moved to Chicago last year, feeling Chicago is much less than Shenzhen on garden construction, Mr Mayor, what is your feeling and countermeasures, please?

2, of course, Michigan lake is beauty like jasper which is the most proud of Chicago, this may be why Chicago is called “lakeside jewel”, but, I live in the lake beach apartment, often seen a lot of garbage in the lake and on the beach,too unpleasant! could u tell us how to protect the environment, and make the unique beauty of lakes and mountains of Chicago to become city business card?


3, People often think that the quality of white is higher, but I live in a few short months,the beach park have banned a dog into the sand, but I meet many whites with dogs every day, even without a noose their dogs, the dogs abuse freedom on the beach and in lake, have seriously been hindering the freedom of visitors, and polluting the environment greatly, we call the police countless times , the police turned a blind eye, not either listened, some times refused to get involved, Mr Mayor, how to deal with, please?


4、The main reasons why the police don’t get involved are for insufficient funds, the city’s finance is also nervous, even liabilities as many western cities, in contrast, most of China’s urban finance often have too much and to burn, excuse me, how can Mr mayor reach a solution thoroughly and comprehensively, and benefited to all citizen?


5, and I’m certainly not in favor of mainly monopolize economy approach by the government in China, Mr Mayor,are u familiar with, or would u like to realize  a unique skill please——economic democracy, which is able to completely and harmony solve the economic crisis?


6, all countries in the east think the United States as model of the world’s democracy, but, the original meaning of democracy is the direct and comprehensive decide by all the people, Mr Mayor,how do u make the city really become direct, comprehensive democracy, rather than just stay on the representative indirect democracy?


7, the U.S. economy remains the world’s first, but people’s moral accomplishment and social public security are still stagnant, Mr Mayor, are u familiar with,or would u please realize a unique skill——the moral democracy, which can thoroughly and noble solve these problems?


8, the United States, especially in Chicago,was touted as the world’s ethnic and nation melting pot, but for more than one hundred years, every ethnic group are still isolated each other in fact, far from fusion, communication, philanthropism, not to be able to form infinite join forces, this is also one of the cause of the disparity between the rich and the poor and the public security is not good,Mr Mayor, could you tell me the “Broadway” of dissolveing at all?


Finally,about these above problems,Mr Mayor, would you open the channel or a program to listen to public opinions every day, or allow a national referendum to public affairs,with universal wisdom and power help the city municipal government?


all electorates are necessarily reciprocated, one hundred percent vote to who can make all people become the social master,and the society success and successes——you——Good Mayor!


Including several of your competitors will be moved to surrender and vote to you — — — — — — –