政治直接民主公决与委托政府代理制(人人有权直接、主动、平等、全面提起公决)Political direct democracy system (everyone has right to filed equally, actively, directly comprehensively referendum)



the column of the main theory is discussing the most important political issues of the human society, the relationship between people and the government,It is the main body framework of human building. How to ensure people and official to be equality, corresponding, interactive, harmonious, subliming together?how to make the more civilians, the government administration will only one hundred million times increase in proportion to civilian number easily and smoothly, have always been able to gain the support of the majority, officials are the most popular stars?


resolving international problem】 only hinger direct  democracy  can  dissolve  the  crisis  of  Ukraine’s Crimean wanting independence by a referendum







【The first big truth of human society 】Direct democracy is the key to the birth of the human 


【The first big sadness of human society】they had not carried out synchronously communism democracy economic


【The first big sad melody pf China agriculture】”agriculture must learn Da-Zhai”——must learn didn’t learn, must not learn had learned


【resolving one of China’s five big problem 】To treat the petition – -to make blocking into unchoked,success in one thing makes in other things easier


【resolving twe of China’s five big problem】 city management——make the entanglements to win-win


【resolving three of China’s five big problem】 demolition–make forced demolition to perform consciously


【resolving three of China’s five big problem】The minority conflicts–can only rely on politics and spirit beyond economic


【resolving three of China’s five big problem】reason analysis of “3.14”unrest in 2008 in Tibet


【Before the truth a country must be a system—HK】Theory of the only consensus which the Communist Party of China and Hong Kong pro-democracy are unwilling to accept


【judge another person’s feelings by one’s own——Taiwang】Only to find the consensus of communism and the three people’s principles, can reunify peacefully both coasts of the Taiwan strait


【no privileges before the laws of nature】Discussing “anti-secession law” from law of natural balance height


【eliminate the false and retain the true】 direct democracy system is uncomparable advantage to be indispensable to one-party rule 


【the charm of truth】Unified all  democracy communism, the dictator and the richest men are far greater gaining than lose

【民主制国际奇迹】 智利矿难营救胜利的关键在于民主制

【Democracy international miracle 】 Chile mine rescue victory lies in direct democracy


【 democracy Party history miracle】In the history of the Communist Party of China   the victory of several key is to use the democracy

【民主制古代奇迹】中国古代桃花源之所以能成为世外桃源,一枝独秀几百年,就在于实行直接民主制【the ancient democracy wonder】why the ancient Chinese Peach Garden can became the land of idyllic beauty, outshine others hundreds of years, is to have carryed out democracy


【 classic case analysis 】Shaanxi policeman directed LaoTou beating detainees, don’t want to suffer beating will give his money —— only sentenced to bribery? !


【 dialectical justice 】fathers of dialectical







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