【对决美国大选】告全体美国同胞书【versus American Presidential Election】 the message to all compatriots in the United States




The US Presidential Election has entered a white-hot stage, our groups are more intense too, stalemated. Why so?It is because the successive especially the opinions of this year’s two presidential candidates are far more unpopular, even against justice.


So,we must not only  painfully choice one or the other of this kind of stupid, selfish politicians and the ruling party to monopoly basic power of all the people, arranged our rights year after year again, and make us with world be threatened by growing crisis, always go from bad to worse. Time and tide wait for no man, we want to completely change the fate, just only by choosing ourselves as masters of the country and be in power — of course, don’t we want all to be elected the President or officials, only need to realize true democratic system:


Democracy, as the name implies, is that all people can directly decide everything, as the highest or the final decision for party government administrative decision and fair remedy in time, make the benign interaction between the government and the people, make everyone spontaneously patriot as loving everyone’s home, as dear to each other as the members of one family, and pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, unity is strength. This system is the most easy to implement, because everyone is yearning, only need to:



1, all electorates (it should also include all having permanent residency in the United States) should have power directly make laws and decision.

Once the government do not do what they should do,don’t listen to what should listen to, we do not need to humiliate, wait until the next general election (often being a change in form but not in content too)again, and can directly make the referendum: anyone can put forward insight motions, release on politics network, stipulated everyone register within a certain period of time with your social security number and personal fingerprint,and comment,proposer may modified to perfect it at any time, in the end, get the statistics of the clicks, so long as any bill or motion gets the support of more than half of people on, will automatically become the national laws, the government must perform it; So, not only ensure every voter thoughtful, free to decide, but also don’t need to waste of money and manpower for concentrated vote.



2, at the same time,should give us all people the power of referendum.

Once the government did disorderly what they should not do, anyone should have power to ask the government to correct; If you were rejected by the government,you can submit the same procedure of referendum, directly change the government decision-making,.



3, Must carry out a thorough and fair elections.

Eliminate the backward decadent unjust electoral system, implementing the standard direct elections, must also specified any candidate has to obtain the absolute majority of vote like a referendum, and must not just satisfied with a relative majority — is often only minority votes, otherwise, any democratic decision-making or election will be controlled by a few people with their power, wealth, or violence and deception, become in fact the hegemony autocracy of a minority domination and pressing the majority of people! Did not obtain an absolute majority votes, can only explain its claims weren’t enough right or justice, also unpopular,so, there is no any reason to let it become a leader or decision. On the contrary, as long as it is reasonable to people’s real interests, is not difficult to get most of the people’s support. Because, fair in the heart of all people!

Aspirant can drew a few of people, can fool minority, but can in no way drew , cheat majority! Besides, we have the preceding two direct democracy referendums system to be able to make most powerful containment, correct, until sanction in always, everywhere, everything.



4, we electorates must have power to directly recall all officers.

Both the rights and obligations, power and responsibility must equity and balance,it is principle of the rule of law,we can not only have power to elect politicians, but the face of all elected politicians being unpopular, we can only wait and see, can only count on politicians and the opposition restricting within the so-called separation of the three powers. Instructions, separation of powers is only one of the auxiliary way of democracy, multiparty running for elections is only political competition of minority each other, like the competition between private companies, not equal to the people is master in direct democracy, cannot avoid collusion or common devour people’s rights and interests of the tacit understanding between politicians or political parties, just as our consumers cannot expect that as soon as there are many competitions between private companies, ensure justice in the mark and quality, secure of commodity. therefore,we people must have the power to recall directly politicians at any time according to the election process, to ensure that each official must be responsible to the people, ensure unpopular officials were timely stop,do not bring calamity to the country and people.



5, In principle, we must have the right to vote all affairs.

Since the constitution of United States western determine the principle of country sovereignty in the people,only we people are the master of the country and society big family,must have power to decide all social affairs directly ; Since we people especially the civilians are inferior to rich and powerful people have capital “having homes all over”,we can only hope ourselves living little space, community security, peace, and all small space together to form the whole society, all selfish together equally is equal to “the whole world as one community “, enough to believe that the people most consistent decision always, at least the majority, are right and justice. Besides, any minority or individual has the right to ask again to update and opposition referendum at any time and place and any referendum decisions, as long as you grasp the truth, and convince people to click on support. Therefore, the real democracy will not lead to the so-called “tyranny of the majority, the majority oppress the minority ” and so on.


6, As soon as synchronously carry out democracy in the economic field, everyone is going to be very rich, eliminate foreordination of the contemporary economic always exist extreme disparity between the rich and the poor, more harm than good, the happiness and life of human have been stopped.


Politics is not empty, not has nothing to do with ordinary people, politics actually is mainly economic, any economic whether public or private, production or residential life, whether domestic or foreign, are directly affect our daily life, equality, freedom, and democratic power, therefore, all democracy system must include in the economic field rightly synchronously carry out democracy, parallel with the private economy: anyone must have the power to put forward any proposal for the development of economy, ask government to implement, if government does not accept, must decide by referendum, if most people agree, government must implemented. but only need the government lead by to establish corresponding all people owned enterprises, after the probation period, immediately implement enterprise democracy system:all the staff exercise the four democratic powers, can never achieve hegemony authoritarian government ownership, become bureaucrats private ownership in fact, lead to corruption, inefficient and unfair;At the same time, in order to avoid the enterprise staff damage social public interest only for small collective interests, all social people must be endowed the power of the referendum also to any enterprise behavior of influencing to outside the enterprise, ensure that the business activities of enterprises do not harm all people’s common homeland and interest, and make the enterprise to be able to get free all people’s wisdom and strength of support, supplement each other, complement each other.such as unemployment, eat relief, disparity between the rich and the poor, regardless of the environment, genetically modified pseudoscience misleading phenomenon and so on all will be readily solved.



7, The democratic politics, the relationship between the people and the government, is actually relationship of the principal and agent in civil law, civil acts:

The people as the principal, always grasp the power of the highest and the final decisions and choice agent and fired (recall), only the government is a common agent of all people. Therefore, we must also have the power to vote all civil servants in principle, at least,have power to recall all civil servants, especially the government departments closely related with people’s life such as police, etc., as long as we have power to directly election and recall polices, can full election the good person pf really righteous and courageous, hate evil as one’s own enemy to become police, and those polices of holding a post without qualifications corruption, malfeasance, or racial discrimination will be recalled in time, how can our society, especially the most gentle deferential Chinese community be also the paradise of crime? ! On the contrary,will only become the most love of community, the people’s income with a rising tide lifts all boats,sense of pride arising spontaneously.


8, we can further implement the moral democracy system, with take the greatest noble comprehensive, hundreds million times than now promotion of the good faith system and habits,these the American west society have been the pride of ,will make the human society to achieve a qualitative leap! will be bound to create angel on earth which is incomparable beauty, including the rich and power everyone get a happy of one hundred million times than now there!Because everyone will be the source of your happiness,love and a long life!of course, this aspect may be placed next to put into practice(limited to space, this article is omitted, please you see the website http://alldemocracybigfamily.com/ full democracy communist big family 1, 4 section).


Above is only a part of our reasonable idea, enough to,a success brings all successes, a virtuous cycle, fascinating, all evil and corrupt problems of contemporary society such as private armed and worsen public security led to human kill each other, loneliness and take drug, no love and gay, and so on will naturally be eliminated.

To this, we only need to be unity, immediately synchronized: A, make full use of the existing rules and conditions, and vigorously promote, gather one hundred thousand people signatures, asked the federal government, each state and municipal government and county government (parliament) to response to the above proposal, if some states have a referendum system, directly bring a referendum by the regulation,carry out all democracy system first; B, directly advice to her(he) candidates and assemblyman,make her(he) commitment (or election) implementation these; C, put the focus of the  put the emphasis of the election to vote directly (with English) on writing this article link, as the internationally general election with referendum together.


compatriot: since we have the ability to immigrant or born in the United States where everyone had been willing to go, it should have clear conscience as the pioneer of people, since chose to settle in the United States life, will never look to back for the just to help the United States(Western Europe) really happy, and not just due to occupy the best weather and favorable geographical conditions  of the earth to drag out an ignoble existence and,deceive oneself as well as others, must make full use of the superiority of the United States having freedom of speech, since we human are the higest animal,should be the woners of all the world as soon as born,have mind wholly earth and have the whole world in view, obligatory, as pioneer of the world! Beginning from today,to create a brand new heaven and earth—all democracy big family for the United States,for universe,let our compatriots and our offspring following us as the example with pride.

(related theory, please see the website: http://alldemocracybigfamily.com/articles of major sections of all democracy communist family)


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